They say that game is life and health. That is why sports activities in adolescence are of utmost importance for the physical, mental, emotional and social development of the child.

A well-organized sports program and advice with a trainer will allow you to perform correct bodywork, in which you exercise resistance, muscular strength and flexibility.

Also, a young man who practices a sport will have fewer health problems in his future adult. That is why from childhood you must have adequate physical education, encouraged from school and supported at home. This brings significant benefits for the development of the body and the personality of the young person, it helps the emotional stability, the proper personal relationships and repercussions in all the psychic and emotional planes, contributing to a greater feeling of well-being and optimism.

Social Relationships

When engaged in sports, teenagers learn to be more disciplined and consistent. Likewise, they are more competitive, enjoy victories and accept defeats.Regarding their social relationships, adolescents learn to work in a team and respect the other and the rules.

So a tip for you that is in adolescence makes it a priority to dedicate a few hours a week to the sport.

The Sport And Its Advantages

Before talking about which game to choose, motivating the practice is fundamental since it is influenced by various factors such as personal and situational factors. In this aspect, the behavior of the parents and the coach is paramount, since they are the ones who most influence at that moment.

However, it is the young person who must choose the sport that he likes the most, but it is the parents who should guide them if there is confusion. In this election, you should look at preferences, character and physical fitness. William David Jiménez, Professor of Physical Education and Sociologist, offers suggestions that bring a sports activity:

Sports equipment. It is ideal for those who have few friends or difficulties to relate because it is the team sports that help him solve that conflict.Find a discipline that is to your liking, will lead you to be constant in your routine.It is advisable that if a sport is a habit, follow a doctor.Whether it is the chosen sport, it is essential to take care of the feeding of adolescents when they increase their physical activity.