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Texas All-Star Basketball Camp Check List and Directions

Texas All-Star Softball Camp Checklist and Directions

Texas All-Star Volleyball Camp Checklist and Directions

General Information For Any USA-All Star Sports Camps

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Texas All-Star Volleyball Camp
Texas All-Star Basketball Camp
Texas All-Star Softball Camp


  1. Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco use is strictly prohibited. Anyone breaking this rule will be sent home without their money being refunded.
  2. Any guns, knives or weapons that are brought to camp will result in the camper being sent home without a refund. Fireworks of any kind are also against the law. The police will be notified if the item is against the law or has endangered campers.
  3. Profanity will not be tolerated. If it persists, the offender will be sent home without a refund.
  4. The sole purpose of the Texas All-Star Basketball Camp is for basketball instructions, drills and competition. Campers will listen attentively and follow directions. Causing disruptions, horsing around, or goofing off will not be permitted.
  5. Campers are to treat all campers, Texas All-Star Basketball Camp staff, and college cafeteria staff, book store staff, cleaning staff, etc. with courteousness and respect.
  6. Campers are to help keep the college campus free of litter.
  7. Campers are forbidden to leave the college campus without parental permission. Even with permission, make sure your coach and roommate know where you are. There will be sigh in/out sheets located in the dorm and with Coach Jolley.
  8. Campers are expected to follow all dorm rules.
  9. Under no circumstances are campers to walk by themselves at night. Stay in groups or with buddies at all times.


Players should come in top physical condition. Please notify us of any medication, allergies, asthma, etc. that your child has. This notification and application are filed an will be pulled if your child is injured.

We have a trainer on duty at every camp, but if you need tape, bring your own. We use the most convenient hospital emergency room for any injuries. Our camp director fives permission for the hospital staff to perform treatment as considered necessary. Please indicate in writing if this is objectionable to you. We always try to call parents immediately, but sometimes we are unable to locate them until later.

Individual accident insurance, similar to that available at schools, is provided by the camp for each participant. This is limited coverage and would provide benefits only for accidental injury medical expenses not covered by the camper’s private coverage. If we have to purchase medicine prescribed by the doctor for a camper while in the program, we will bill the parent for the amount.


  1. Registration Balance
  2. Snacks for dorm room, or optional money for snacks
  3. Twin sheet set, pillow, blankets or sleeping bag
  4. Towels, wash cloths, soap, comb or brush
  5. Toothpaste, toothbrush, DEODORANT!
  6. Large plastic drinking glass (Ice is provided free as long as the ice machines are meeting supply and demand.)
  7. Five T-shirts (You will not be allowed to wear obscene shirts or t-shirts that advertise alcohol, tobacco or drugs. Shirts with inappropriate or suggestive wording will not be permitted.)
  8. Five pair of athletic shorts
  9. Ten pairs of athletic socks
  10. One pair of old, comfortable basketball shoes (If you have to buy new ones, break them in before you come to camp.)
  11. Laundry bag or something for dirty clothes
  12. Stamped envelopes, paper, pen or pencils
  13. Alarm clock
  14. Ten dollar dorm key deposit


Do not bring jewelry, purses, television sets, expensive CD or cassette or expensive clothes or shoes.. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Put your name on everything you bring.