Why Is It Essential Since Adolescence To Implement Sports Practices?

I would say that the importance is not only in adolescence but from childhood. In our times we see children who suffer from obesity problems and who later could trigger other issues such as depression, low self-esteem, heart problems and osteoporosis. When a teenager practices a sport, first of all, it is preventing these issues; it is strengthening his muscles, bones, and mind. It is also creating a habit, a discipline and has a relationship with other adolescents and is not locked in front of a computer, more at this stage where it should develop healthily.

Benefits of doing sports in adolescence?

It helps to form a healthy body and is the best means for adequate socialization. Understanding as socialization in the process that the child learns the norms and values of a society to live in it. The sport is fundamental because this method allows him to improve his quality of life and thus the healthy and peaceful coexistence, which is achieved with elements of education and construction, instructs him in the art that gives him the possibility to be useful for his life.

In the physical part, the sport helps the development of the motor skills of the human being, so by exercising the boy increases his necessary skills such as jumping, running, climbing and the time-space relationship.